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    CLEAN 2000 S WATTS!

    The story of a block that fought back...

    and keeps fighting!

  • The 2000 S Watts Documentary

    The film that finally got our block the attention it deserves!

    For those who feel this is "Karen-ing," the unthinkable conditions of 2000 S Watts documented in this video put our concerns in perspective.

  • 3 Years of Progress on 2000 S Watts!

    Thank you to Councilmember Squilla, neighbors, and businesses who have helped clean up this residential block, improving quality of life and safety!

    Eliminated Open Trash

    • Snipes and Rainbow have brought their open trash indoors


    • Popeyes and Rite Aid have been vigiliant with keeping their trash in their enclosures

    Improved Ligthing

    • LED Streetlights Installed


    • Bright lighting installed behind the Dollar Value


    • Popeyes installed a bright motion light

    Repaired Infrastructre

    • Vacant McDonald's property owner installed new fence to secure against drug encampments


     Verizon and Comcast have secured low hanging cables


     Boost Mobile removed broken fence enclosure


    • Dollar Value repaired damged facade

  • Work Left to Do!

    Despite amazing progress, there is plenty left to address. We need your help!

    Better Lighting

    Rite Aid's illegel trash enclosure provides a dark area that invites drug crime originaitng from Broad & Snyder


    Rainbow's light behind the store no longer turns on


    The South end of the block can be brighter

    No More Trash!

    H&R Block is still leaving open trash outside 24/7


    Pediatric Dental Team leaves their open trash cans out 24/7


    The dark, unkempt areas at the South end of the block invites frequent illegal dumping


    Trash enclosures are often not kept clean, especialy after waste haulers leave a trail trash down the block during pick-up


    No More Needles

    Punks with Lunch and Philadelphia Prevention Point distribute needles around the corner. While meaning to protect the addicted community with packs of clean needles, used needles end up on our street and sidewalk. Vigilant needle cleanups are currently addressing this concern.


    Their activities also invite drug use in the dark, hidden spaces of our block.


  • Why This Matters!

    Do you feel safe when people are lurking in the dark areas on this block at night? 


    When a residential neighborhood is allowed to look like a landfill, people treat it that way. Open trash, dirty trash storage areas, and trash enclosures are illegal on a residential block. It ruins the quality of life. Illegal trash enclosures on our block also provide dark spaces that are a convenient haven for drug use.


    This is compounded by Punks with Lunch and the Prevention Point, operating around the corner with alarming practices. These organizations regularly distribute drug paraphernalia, including needles without requiring a 1-for-1 exchange and crack pipes. Their actions, while intended to support the safety of the addicted community, have resulted in unintended, dire consequences for our neighborhood.


    On days these organizations distribute paraphernalia, there is a clear uptick in drug dealers who openly sell to those receiving paraphernalia, fueling crime and antisocial behavior, such as theft and car vandalism, to sustain drug habits. This noticeable escalation in crime and visible drug use, including individuals incapacitated on our sidewalks, undermines public safety and degrades our community's quality of life, eroding the sense of security and community cohesion. It also leads to an increase in used needles littering our block, risking needle-stick injuries to children and pets.


    The goal is not to stigmatize or ignore the needs of individuals battling addiction but to ensure that efforts to help do not inadvertently harm 2000 S Watts residents.


    As drug activity in the vicinity of Broad & Snyder continues unchecked, it is up to businesses to be good neighbors and eliminate illegal trash operations and infrastructure that impact the right of way, reduce the quality of life, and diminish the safety of the families of 2000 S Watts. This won't stop every problem but it goes a long way to diminishing it. The progress of the past 3 years has greatly improved conditions on 2000 S Watts... but there is plenty left to do.


    If the city refuses to arrest and prosecute perpetrators of drug crimes, then it should enforce trash and infrastructure codes to mitigate the impact of drug activity.


    Read about our fight in the Philadelphia Citizen

    Who's still fighting for you: Counclimember Mark Squilla, South Philadelphia High School to enforce a drug-free school zone, and neighbors - thank you!


    Who have gone silent on the issues: State Senator Nikil Saval, State Rep Elizabeth Fiedler have stopped responding. Remind their volunteers next time they knock on your door.



  • What to Do?

    • Contact city councilmember Mark Squilla with your concerns.
    • Call 911 to report any suspicious or illegal behavior you see at a dumpster, illegal enclosure blocking a public right of way, or vacant property.
    • Even if you don't live on 2000 S. Watts, we implore our E. Passyunk Neighbors to help us fight this fight. S Watts is not only a half block from Broad & Snyder but also from the shops and dining on E Passyunk Avenue; we can’t snap a finger and solve the systemic issues that plague Broad & Snyder but we can do little things that collectively mitigate problems and keep trash, drug use, and crime from taking over S Watts, encroaching on the vibrant businesses on E Passyunk.